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ZooY Smarty 2 in 1 Soap Dispenser for Dishwasher Liquid Holder , Liquid Dispenser Through Pump ( Multi-Color , 400 ML) with Sponge


High Grade Product


  • Best Grade plastic to take pressure
  • High quality scrub for complete cleaning
  • Durable product for long time use


Has Latest Design


  • Better performance with attractive look
  • Durable material for longer life
  • Design that looks great in your kitchen


ZooY Advantages

  • Comes with free SCRUB & in-built Scrub Holder
  • Single-Handed Operation
  • Easy to Clean & Store
  • Visible Liquid Soap Level
  • Compact & Space Saver


Organizes Kitchen Space

Along with soap dispensing, it comes with extra caddy on top for holding the scrub. This is highly space saving otherwise you would have to put scrub besides it taking more space & making fuss.

High-Grade Plastic

The ZooY Design serves many purpose in one go ! Transparent plastic gives view of liquid level inside. Also it gives attractive look to product for better aesthetics of your kitchen.

Single-Handed Operation

Works with simple one hand press making no fuss ! Otherwise it will be inconvenient in two handed soap dispensing action. Thus increases cleaning speed.

Versatile Application

Zooy Liquid Soap Dispenser can be used at home, cafe, restaurent, hotel, office, school, factory, or any washing place. High grade dispenser pump makes the whole product very durable for years.


Product Dimensions13L x 11W x 8.5H Centimeters
Material Type FreeBPA Free

About this item

  • Package : 1 Set Soap Dispenser
  • Color : Multi-Color
  • Multi- Function Used For : School , Office , Restaurant , Hotel , Airport , Factories , Gas Station Etc. Ideal For Both Home & Commercial.
  • Handy Product Specially For Women For Liquid Dispenser Complete Solution
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Store

Customer ratings by feature

Value for money

4.2  4.2


3.7  3.7

Easy to use

3.4  3.4

Suction power

3.2  3.2

ZooY Smarty 2 in 1 Soap Dispenser for Dishwasher Liquid Holder , Liquid Dispense

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹130.00Sale Price
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